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Here's some of the pics I took from CAR7. Enjoy!

Riders and supporters lined up and ready to head out of Fort Mason, SF.


Carol at Pit 2 - Crystal Springs Reservoir -  on Day 1
Day 2 - Somewhere between Santa Cruz and King City!

Yes, we are in fact sitting in a pool of ice... and you better believe it was a relief at around mile 70 of this 103 mile day!
This is at the top of the second of two big hills along Hwy 46 on Day 4. The guys at the top cheering everyone up were great. You can also see (heading back down) the amazing riders who would go up and down the same hill, cheering other riders up the whole way!
The half way mark. Holding your bike above your head was the "thing to do" at this stop so of course we had to join in!
Sandy at the half way mark! Woo hoo!!!
Note: no pictures from Days 5 or 6 'cause I was way too exhausted to even hold up a camera!
Some of us TURTLES at the holding area before closing ceremonies.
My favorite turtle, Carol, and I hanging out just before closing ceremonies.
Some 2780 riders waiting to exit the holding area and head out to closing ceremonies.
The bike with no rider during closing ceremonies.
Once again, the bike over the head theme took over during closing ceremonies. That's it... I'm done!